Risks of automatic car wash

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Automatic car washes are known for their simplicity and time savings. However, despite their convenience, automatic car washes do your car more harm than good. Here’s how:

Used water is recycled

Automatic car washes are the most environmentally friendly and water-saving way to wash your car because they were designed to reuse water. Although they have the ability to install purification systems to remove contaminants, they are not 100 percent effective. This causes sand and dirt to scratch the surface of your car during the wash.

Aggressive cleaners

All businesses strive to maximize revenue by minimizing transaction costs. The use of cheap cleaners whose main ingredient is acid is not something completely unknown, especially in touchless car washes. While the result is a sparkling clean car, the acid will slowly break down your car’s protective paint and wax.

Touchless automatic car washes use rotating brushes that rub against the car to remove dirt. While the touch may not be cheeky, a closer look at your vehicle will reveal scratches and swirls that sometimes dull it.

Not all dirt is removed

The lack of contact, especially with automatic touchless car washes, hinders their ability to wash vehicles thoroughly. Problem areas are not identified, and taking into account the fact that they should be given attention since you use automated car wash systems. The accumulated dirt simply means that your car will look deplorable over time.

Drying technique

Hot wind that dries up the water is usually not enough. Driving a car that is not completely dry results in stubborn stains and scratches that, if not quickly removed with an aerosol cleaner, will require lengthy and thorough buffing.

What to look for when choosing a hand dryer

Although most automatic car washes use hot air to dry excess water, some have attendants who manually clean the car after cleaning is complete. It is normal to use soft, clean towels all the time, which is not the case with most car washes. Abrasive and dirty towels from drying various vehicles cause your car to scratch and paint damage.

A well-maintained car with wrecks that look untouched means a higher resale value. While automatic car washes can make your car look decent in the short term, constant use results in a car that is dirty and unsightly in the long term.


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