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Kimberly Olsen
Kimberly Olsen
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Such amazing service! Ivan was so kind, so thorough and did an amazing job! We will definitely have him back! I can’t believe how good my car looks!
Cynthia Harward
Cynthia Harward
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My daughter got her car about a year ago and it had some stains on the seats that I had wanted to get cleaned for her. I am amazed that after so much time, Ivan was able to get all the stains out! Not only did he do a fantastic job on the seats, but he took some time to wash off the the floor mats and wipe down the dash as well. Highly recommend.
Scott's Goals
Scott's Goals
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Did a full internal and external detail. I had no idea it was possible to get rid of that much pet hair successful, he's a magician. Fantastic results, stand up guy. Thank you Ivan, much appreciated.
Josh Garrett
Josh Garrett
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Needed the smell of smoke removed from a car we purchased. He did a great job and the car is like new inside. Very personable and courteous. Hire this man! It’s worth it.
Beth Morrell
Beth Morrell
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Ivan did a killer job and the price for an interior detail was way better than the other places I looked at. He got the accumulated filth of centuries out of my cup holders and the upholstery, walls, dash etc look and smell great! He was also unfazed by the fact that it straight up hailed on him half the time he was working. Would definitely recommend.
Thomas Pontious
Thomas Pontious
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Ivan was very professional, and caring about the results of my mother in laws car detailing. Hey did an outstanding job. If you want a great detail job on your vehicle set up an appointment with them. His prices were very reasonable for the job and care he puts into his work. Thanks again Ivan!
Amber Ruiz
Amber Ruiz
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I cannot say enough GREAT things about our experience! We had rotten milk explode in our car the day before we were supposed to go on a road trip. Cleaner Bros did an amazing job not only detailing the car but also with the ozone treatment for the milk spill. I would 100% recommend them!
Chet Ferry
Chet Ferry
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Great service. I called later afternoon the day before. They showed up at am the next morning to take care of my truck. Wow its like I have a new truck again. So clean and fresh. I highly recommend them.
Julie Watson
Julie Watson
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Ivan was very professional and did an amazing job on our car! He worked with our schedule and made it easy to meet to get the job done. Definitely recommend!
Lucas Villar
Lucas Villar
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They did a wonderful job to my car and were very respectful and nice! I am definitely going to use their service again


Simply book a detail online and we will arrive straight to your door. All we require is access to water & electricity.

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Cleaner Bros Car Detailing Orem

We always strive to provide our customers with a spectacular car experience and leave an amazing work , leaving your car sparkling clean. When we’re done, your car’s interior will look as good as new. Cleaner Bros continually does an amazing job by doing an excellent work. You can count on our team to provide an outstanding auto detailing services.

Get your car detailing service while at home or at the office

As a mobile car wash, we come to you! Cleaner Bros is a mobile detailing service that provides complete cleaning packages for your car from the comfort of your home or office. All we need is access to a source of water and electricity. Never drive a dirty car again! We arrive at your home or office and all we need is access to water and electricity. We specialize in mobile auto detailing interior and exterior, monthly maintenance cleaning, ceramic coating and paint correction  Orem, Utah, and the surrounding area. To save you time on the road, we come to you.

Cleaner Bros – The Reliable Car Wash

No matter what kind of car or truck, we always do a meticulous job. Our team works promptly and efficiently to bring your vehicle back to showroom quality without using harsh chemicals that can damage upholstery and other car parts. With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our craft and we want nothing more than for you to be satisfied with our work. Car detailing is a wonderful way to keep your vehicle looking its best, and if you’re in Orem, Utah, Cleaner Bros is the company for you! We offer professional car detailing services at affordable rates in and around Orem.

Orem’s Best Car Detailing Services

Cleaner Bros is guaranteed to be the best car Detailing service in Orem. Cleaner Bros technicians consistently do a great job with our customers’ vehicles. We clean every car from bumper to bumper and turn it from badly dirty to radically clean! Car Detailing is the best way to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. We offer an excellent car detailing service that leaves flawless vehicles for our customers.

Mobile car detailing service by certified Car Wash Professionals

Cleaner Bros Car Detailing Services Orem, Cleaner Bros Car Wash & Detailing is a mobile specializing in expert car detailing services to ensure your vehicle always looks its best.

We are one of the only car wash services in Orem, Utah to use biodegradable products! Our own eco-friendly products set us apart from other organizations and will leave your car looking great without harsh chemicals, odors or stains in transit. We come directly to you for all of our car detailing services, so there’s no need to waste valuable time going to an automated car wash for a substandard cleaning.

A car wash is not as neat or efficient as simply having a mobile car detailing business coming directly to your home or office. We save you the hassle of having to wait in line to get your car cleaned or even an improper cleaning at the car wash that ends up scratching your car. This time we come to you, saving you the headache of having to wash the car yourself or have it done by an inefficient machine.

Regular Car Wash
Cleaner Bros Wash
Carbon Footprint
Up to 120 gallons of water per wash
Only 5 gallons of water per wash
Scratches and damages car paint
Lubricated car wash without scratching
Ease of Use
Customers have to drive and wait
We come to your home or office
First come first serve, waiting in line
Easy booking online or by phone
Average service and quality of work
5 star service and 100% satisfaction
Uses harmful chemicals and pollutants
Eco-friendly car wash and biodegradable
Cheap product bought in bulk
Highest quality car products and tools
Towels Used
Re-used microfiber towels
Brand new microfibers for every car wash

Cleaner Bros is a Mobile Car Wash based out of Orem, Utah.

Cleaner Bros Car Wash & Detailing is a mobile detailing service that offers complete cleaning packages for your car, including interior and exterior detailing services! We provide services throughout northern Utah County. If you need auto detailing services, contact Cleaner Bros by phone or make an appointment online as soon as your schedule allows.

We have a few locations so no matter where you are we might be able to come and do car detailing services for your car or vehicle.

Services such as interior detailing, exterior detailing, door panel cleaning, window tinting, upholstery cleaning, wet sanding, carpet cleaning, paint correction, proper hand wash for the car, and applying an ozone treatment for bad odor. You name it and we can to do it! Any auto detailing service you need, we’ve got you covered, and with exceptional service that’s enough to keep our own customers happy (every time).

We are always accepting new car detailing clients!

High-Quality Mobile Car Detailing Service

We love to wash and restore vehicles, all at an affordable price. We take care of it all, from thoroughly cleansing the wheel wells to scrubbing the windows to a pristine state to leaving the paint shining on your car investment. Contact us for a quality detail at a fair cost – get your car detailed and looking like new.

Detailing your vehicle at home takes time and dedication to get the results you want. We understand how busy you are, that’s why we’re here to help you clean your plate. Leave it to our in-house experts and sit back while we make your car feeling like new. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just desperate for a car detailing, we’re here to help with our in-house detailing services! Or if you are trying to find a professional detailing service in northern Utah County we can help you too.

We have the equipment to wash any car, anywhere; after all, it’s our business.

Contact us by phone or use the BOOK NOW button to book our auto detailing services.

When we are done with all the details of your car, we will leave your vehicle as a brand new car. We promise a great experience that goes along smoothly for you. The Cleaner Bros process never fails, especially with our Orem team with people of high integrity. Make an appointment for your car detailing now!

Do you like that new car feeling when your car has already gone through a car detailing? Who doesn’t? If you are a car enthusiast, cheer up and cheer up! We do a great job of making your old car look like a new car, which means your vehicle will retain more value over the years, unlike most cars that don’t get car details. Regardless of the service you receive, whether it’s a ceramic coating or interior/exterior detailing services, we will consistently do our best to do an excellent job. Enjoy the peace of mind of staying at home and no longer traveling to crappy car washes that don’t do a convenient wash and can’t meet you at whatever location you are at.

We make a living washing and maintaining cars, and doing it manually, regardless of the vehicle. Call us now to see how we can arrange your car wash schedule.

Not sure if we service your area?

Cleaner Bros has multiple locations all over Orem and the surrounding areas. If your car is in desperate need of a quality wash, you can trust us to provide you with the perfect cleaning you won’t find anywhere else.

You may even have a few trucks to wash – we have the capacity and a hardworking team of honest people to meet any need.

For those who are desperate for cleaning different car and truck where interior and exterior require full auto detail, we have accessories, tools and the attitude to make your cars and trucks perfectly detailed. Whether it’s exterior, interior, special services, we’re ready.

We’re in the business of detailing cars, and we love every second of it.

Call us now at (801) 472-2066 or click “Book Now” at the top right and we’ll put you in touch with our professional Car Detailing Orem team! Our car detailing services are provided by experts who have the experience and necessary tools to clean your car. Their goal is to restore your vehicle to showroom condition for years of trouble-free driving.

If you want a powerful clean that leaves a great smell, look no further than the Cleaner Bros Car wash business in the Orem, Utah Area.

Our professional detailers offer an amazing washing service with eco-friendly products that are safe to use all year round on any type of vehicle, color or model. We focus on car exterior detailing in Orem, but we also provide interior cleaning services.

 Call us now to see what kind of offers we have for you!